Our Client Has Confirmed:

FewerIT Support Tickets

LESSSystem Downtime

FasterIT Support Responses

HIGHERIT Support Quality

NO MOREMajor Downtime

A Few Words From the President

Allixo transformed our IT infrastructure into a frictionless and efficient digital environment, making things like persistent system issues, major downtime and inadequate support a thing of the past! We no longer feel like we just have to just accept and live with constant workarounds, it’s great!

Their shared vision of technology as an efficiency tool and enabler of new abilities, like frictionless remote working, and their expertise in cost-effective delivery of cloud technology is what made us choose Allixo over a number of other providers.

We are extremely pleased with the results: fewer IT issues, prevention of major downtime, improved staff knowledge, enhanced security, better analytics and easy-to-use MFA.

Allixo shines at collaborative solution ideation and explaining concepts without resorting to technical jargon and we’re reassured by their commitment to keeping us at the forefront of emerging technologies.


  • Unable to modernize IT infrastructure or follow industry best practices
  • Suffering from poor response times to service requests
  • Poor infrastructure created a routine of unacceptable downtime
  • Unable to improve NIST compliance scores or finance cybersecurity measures

Our Solution

  • Project Timeframe 6-12 months dependent on travel, hardware, and vendor availability
  • Networking: Migrate to Cisco Network Equipment
  • Servers: New Host server implementation
  • Exchange Email Services: Migrate to cloud solution
  • Data: Migrate to cloud solution for file storage
  • Phones: Migrate from legacy PBX to Microsoft Teams
  • MS Active Directory: Join on premise devices to centralised cloud directory structure

Client Wins

  • Significantly improved E3 IT scores
  • No more major downtime incidents
  • Better availability of phone systems
  • Able to self manage phone system calling trees
  • Better data and analytics
  • Deeper system access and permissions
  • Stronger understanding of IT systems
  • New confidence in our IT infrastructure
  • IT issues now get solved properly
  • Competent and responsive IT support
  • Staff understand the importance of security

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