Is your on-premise infrastructure holding you back? Allixo’s On-Premise IT Support ensures your servers and networks run seamlessly and securely. We take care of monitoring, maintenance, security, backups, virtualization, and design and installation for servers. Need robust network solutions? We manage firewalls, switches, wireless devices, VPN setup, and more. Focus on your business while we handle the tech—ensuring a foundation for long-term success.



Are you constantly worried about your server’s performance? With our monitoring service, we keep a vigilant eye on your servers 24/7. We identify and resolve issues before they escalate, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.


Regular maintenance is crucial for server health. We handle updates, patches, and routine checks to keep your systems in peak condition. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime and hello to seamless productivity.


Server security breaches can be disastrous. Our robust security measures protect your data from threats, giving you peace of mind. From firewalls to real-time threat detection, we have you covered.


Lost data can cripple your business. Our comprehensive backup solutions ensure your information is always safe and recoverable. We create reliable backup strategies tailored to your needs.


Looking to optimize resource usage? Our virtualization services allow you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical machine. This boosts efficiency and reduces costs, paving the way for scalable growth.

Design and Installation

Starting from scratch or upgrading existing systems? Our design and installation services ensure your server infrastructure is tailored to your specific needs. We build with an eye on the future, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.


Firewall, Switch, and Wireless Management

Is your network infrastructure holding up? We manage firewalls, switches, and wireless devices to keep your network robust and secure. Our experts ensure optimal performance and minimal disruptions.


Network hiccups can cause major headaches. Our monitoring services keep tabs on your network’s health, spotting issues early and fixing them quickly. Stay connected with confidence.


Regular network maintenance is key to avoiding bottlenecks. We take care of updates, configurations, and routine upkeep, ensuring your network runs efficiently. Experience smoother, faster connectivity.


Network security is non-negotiable. We implement advanced security measures to protect your data from cyber threats. Our proactive approach keeps your network safe and your business secure.


Need secure remote access? Our VPN setup services provide encrypted connections, allowing your team to work safely from anywhere. Maintain productivity without compromising security.

Design and Installation

Building a new network or upgrading an old one? Our design and installation services provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs. We plan for growth, ensuring your network can scale with your business.