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A Few Words From The IT Coordinator

We were struggling with an aging on-site IT environment that routinely failed to meet our needs, especially around internal comms and remote working, and an IT vendor who could only offer expensive and already outdated solutions.

Despite some concerns around cloud solutions (turns out there was nothing to worry about) we embraced Allixo’s recommendations to migrate to the cloud and it was a genuinely fantastic experience. Remote access is no longer in our vocabulary! Since everything is stored in the cloud, access is the same whether we’re in the office or off-site – it’s all seamless.

Overall, this project has improved the way we use technology, reduced or eliminated previously existing limitations and the support is always excellent.


  • An aging on-site server that needed replacing
  • Unable to achieve fast and frictionless remote working
  • An outdated and unsuitable PBX phone system
  • An IT vendor unable to provide good service or modern solutions

Our Solution

  • Project Duration: Our client requested a 6 month, multi-stage rollout to ensure a smooth and problem free migration experience for staff

Stage 1: Migration to MS Teams Calling

  • Conduct a trial with client’s key staff to test features and quality, and establish an internal support team to support a company wide rollout
  • Implement bespoke and fully tailored phone routing trees and messaging through MS Teams Calling
  • Hold multiple live online training sessions for our client’s staff
  • Begin full roll out of MS Teams with heavy reliance on ours and our client’s new internal support team to provide critical assistance over the first few days

Stage 2: Migration to our Modern Office Solution

  • Facilitate internal meetings with client’s staff to discuss and agree how to map current directories to Teams and Channels, and which users should receive which roles and permissions
  • Clean up the existing file system as much as possible by deleting old files and consolidating directories where it made sense
  • Migration of our client’s files to the cloud based on mappings they provided
  • Provide one to one support for all of our client’s staff requiring help with set up or using our Modern Office solution
  • Continue running of existing server until our client was happy that every last element of the migration had been completed successfully

Client Wins

  • Remote access is no longer in our vocabulary! Since everything is stored in the cloud, access is the same whether we’re in the office or off-site – it’s seamless.
  • Our Teams Calling system is very flexible and crystal clear. We were concerned about potential problems with call quality, but that’s never been an issue and we were able to cancel our telephony contract
  • Switching between computers, or getting a new computer set up is easy since everything is in the cloud
  • No longer have to worry about server crashes
  • Improved security – between Modern Office and MFA, we feel that our data is much more secure than before
  • It’s now so easy and simple to access data from any location with internet access
  • Our new flexible call routing resulted in a significant decrease of misdirected calls
  • Setting up Teams video calls (as opposed to Zoom) is as easy as setting up a meeting in Outlook
  • We can video call other staff members without setting up a meeting and sending a link

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