Our Client Has Confirmed:

FewerIT Support Tickets

LESSSystem Downtime

FasterIT Support Responses

HIGHERIT Support Quality

NO MOREMajor Downtime

A Few Words From the President

We chose Allixo to be our new IT vendor after our previous one failed to deliver the reliable, modern support and systems we needed. With an urgent migration deadline looming, Allixo moved mountains to make it happen quickly and seamlessly, despite numerous unexpected obstacles arising.

The support Allixo now provides has been huge for our team. Internal IT support requests have drastically reduced due to the quick and efficient support Allixo provides. Furthermore, we now have cloud-based systems that enable frictionless remote working without fears of power outages taking down our IT services.

We’re incredibly pleased with the switchover and would highly recommend Allixo as an IT vendor. Their commitment to providing a reliable, modern service has been outstanding!


  • Previous IT vendor offered slow and ineffective support
  • Our previous contract had increased in price significantly
  • We had to migrate to a new IT vendor much faster than preferred
  • We were stuck with old processes, systems and on-premise servers
  • We couldn’t make changes and improvements to our IT systems
  • Power outages resulted in losing access to everything
  • Local options were poor and we were unsure about remote IT vendors

Our Solution

  • Update systems older than 5 years
  • Harden cloud environment via policies
  • Installing new software to secure endpoints
  • Manually migrate endpoints to Azure AD
  • Configure mobile device management
  • Migrate on premise services to Azure
  • Configure remote access
  • Setup remote printing
  • Replace existing network infrastructure with Cisco equipment

Client Wins

  • Successful transition from previous IT vendor to Allixo in 60 days without problems
  • Implementation of more effective, flexible, reliable and modern systems
  • Showcasing of new governance controls resulted in successfully completed SOC audit
  • Rapid response times and problem resolution from the Allixo support team
  • Significantly higher trust and confidence in our IT support provider
  • Enablement of frictionless remote working via cloud technologies
  • Migration to Azure servers provides far simpler online security processes
  • Zero issues or frustrations as a result of working with a remote IT vendor
  • Passed annual SOC audit with flying colours

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